You are so much more than just your business card.
Are you tired of painful networking events?
Are you tired of drinking coffee and hoping for contacts?
Do you want to create more authentic connections?
Do you need consistent, honest feedback?
Do you want to make an impact on others and your community?
Do you enjoy helping others succeed?
Kaada can help you be more successful in life and work.

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Step 1

Attend a circle (Meeting)

Our Kaada Circle Leaders are adding new meeting times in Omaha, Lincoln, and Council Bluffs every week.  Find the event that fits your schedule!

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Be Inspired.



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We asked our community to describe the Kaada experience in one word. They said...

"...soul nutrition..."
"...creative insights..."
"...bucket filling..."
"...real connections..."
" people..."
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What is Kaada?

Kah-da | \ To pour in; To come together in a small and/or specific group, often to discuss something privately…

People yearn to be connected: in families, in organizations, in businesses, in sports, and in life. The challenge we all face today is creating authentic, genuine relationships in a less connected world.

During a quick lunch, a few community-focused professionals created a hypothesis: “People want to increase their professional networks for more reasons than JUST growing their business. People want a place where one’s title can be left at the door, the elevator speech can be left on the elevator, and true, authentic relationships can be developed. Business relationships take place between people who genuinely understand and appreciate each other.”

The Kaada process was forged out of hundreds of hours of ‘test-runs’ with professionals JUST LIKE YOU who wanted a group of people they can lean on to expand their personal network and gain a great deal of personal insight into the challenges they are facing.

Today, Kaadas are forming in new cities by local leaders who are looking for less online and more offline relationships, where authenticity is key.

Do you want to know more about membership?

"The concentrated passion, drive and collective brainpower of this group is unrivaled. This different and much-needed approach has inspired me more than any professional development opportunity, and I left with real tools I can use in my own work."

Allison Sagehorn

Omaha Chamber of Commerce. Talent Manager

Authentic professionals who are more interested in your success than in your business card

Our process focuses on the development of solid connections, not simply names and numbers.

Confidential counsel from others who expect the same in return

Because every member is required to sign a NDA, members can truly seek counsel from those who have experience.

Effective techniques you can use in everyday life

By taking what you learn from the Kaada experience, your meetings will never be the same.

Strong networks that will serve with you well

People recommend and connect people AFTER they get to know them. Genuine relationships create very strong networks.

A series of Kaada Circles to choose from each month

Kaadas are composed of people you know, from businesses you know, working on projects you understand. Finding the right meeting to match your schedule is easy.

Direct feedback from professionals just like you

Taking time to grow in your role is very important. The Kaada format creates a consistent place for honest, usable feedback

With the added bonus of...

Special events for members only

Throughout the year, special members only events that further the relationships between members and the community!

A private online community to simplify communication

Technology assists our community by providing a safe, private environment for idea exchange and support.

Professional development opportunities

Our community of professionals provide numerous opportunities for you to sharpen your skills in areas that directly impact your life.

Supportive members who value honesty and vulnerability

"I am amazed by the vulnerability shown today" is a typical comment from a participant. Expect people to truly care about your issues.

Direct motivation from others

Sometimes, the thing you need is someone providing the external push to move you off center. Our format supports direct and supportive motivation.

Efficient investment of your valuable time

Using the Kaada Process, you will be surprised by the amount of feedback you can get over a long lunch hour.

Why members choose Kaada...

A community based on the principle that it is better to give than to receive

If you are looking for a community where people are genuinely concerned about you, the community in which you both live and your success, Kaada is your people.

A community that reflects the diverse boardrooms of companies we admire

We actively recruit people from all walks of life, in all parts of the communities in which we live, with varied experiences. Diversity makes us better.

No Long Term Commitment

Our commitment to creating the best community requires our team to always create the best experience for our members. If you don't find Kaada impacting the work, your development and your family, simply cancel. No hassle.

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